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The Kelsey Kindred
An Association
of Descendants of
William Kelsey
the Puritan Ancestor
Organized September 15, 1928

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The Kelsey Kindred Proudly Presents
Their Family History.
"A Genealogy of
The Descendants of William Kelsey"

Kelsey Volumes are now on SALE until further notice
Volume I now $19.00 -- Volume II now $20.00 -- Volumes V, VI, & VII now $29.00 each

Book First Published/Reissued Ancestral Lines Price-Eff 8/95
Volume I 1928-1978-1991 Generations 1 thru 4 $22.00*
Volume II 1929-1973-1981 Generations 5 and 6 $25.00*
Volume III 1947-1975 Generations 7 thru 10 See Below
Volume IV 1973 Generations 7 thru 12 See Below
Volume V 1983 Generations 7 thru 13 $34.00*
Volume VI 1994 Generations 4 thru 10 $39.00*
Volume VII 1995 Generations 11 thru 15 $39.00*
Supplement 1977 Generations 7 thru 12 $8.00*

Volumes III & IV are sold out and will not be reprinted because of the high costs involved due to their size. Paula Carter, our Genealogist, will prepare an "Extract" from volumes III & IV for you. Notify her as to what information you wish; just your direct ancestral line or also siblings, etc. and how many copies you wish. She will research the information and advise you as to the total cost*. Upon receipt of your check payable to "Kelsey Kindred", she will prepare the extractions, certify them as to their origin, and bind them in an 8.5"x11" photo copy in a soft cover binder. Volume IV does not duplicate data in volume III, but, does cover data in earlier generations that came in after Volume III was published. Paula's address and telephone number are below.

The 1977 Supplement is a paperback book. It provides supplemental information to Volume IV and, to some extent, Volume II and Volume III. This book is being phased out, as some of these lines have already been rewritten with new lineage information that has been received and reprinted in volume VI or Volume VIII.

If your family line is not complete in these books, send for "Family Data Sheets" from Mrs. Suzanne K. Hall, 244 Mountain Rd., N. Granby, CT 06060, print and use the "FDS" off the web page, or notify Paula Carter.

Send orders and checks made payable to "Kelsey Kindred" to Mrs. Paula R. Carter, Kindred Genealogist, 16 Orchard Dr., Corning, NY 14830 or Phone (607) 962-5478.

*NY state residents add NY Sales Tax



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